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Artist Statement


My name is Steph Quiroz. I am a graphic designer and illustrator. My work is varied and will involve the creative development of banners, mailings, web design, among others; mostly with an advertising purpose. I also love to develop illustrations, paintings, play with animation techniques and design characters.

My inspiration comes from manga, comics in general, 2D and 3D animation, symphonic metal, pop culture and people close to me. I like to combine different techniques in my work, they must be dynamic and explode with pure movement and color. I like simplicity as well as complexity, contrast, explore interesting concepts full of details and shades, these are the basics of my projects.

In all my creative work, I like to show diversity, use of shapes, color, textures as well as the implementation of interesting characters and overlaying elements. Through these experiments I feel like a child again, I’ll go back to my childhood being able to create all kinds of representations from my imaginary.

I have worked to meet the needs of different people, one of them is myself. I am pleased creating all kinds of creatures, simple and complex. I remember my childhood when I sat and draw doodles in my notebook, I have always enjoyed drawing and creating all kind of crafts, although at that time I never thought of it as an option that could full fill all my necessities in the future, not even professional education. I had never thought of it, I only did it because I enjoyed it, in the present days I still feel the same excitement. I am not allowed to forget that little girl inside me, the freedom she needs in order to keep creating and imagining.